Kris Allen Talks New Album, ‘Idol’ Regrets & Love In Its Crappiest Form

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As Kris Allen discusses his upcoming album, Thank You Camellia, in part 2 of Reality Rocks' interview, it's pretty obvious that there is a unifying theme to the LP: Tracks like "Leave You Alone," "Teach Me How Love Goes," "Monster," and "Out Alive" all deal with the ups and downs and twists and turns of relationships. It's an interesting lyrical direction for the only "Idol" to ever win the show while married, especially since Kris freely admits that these songs are autobiographical. "The easiest thing to write about are the crappy things that happen in a relationship," he says.

Don't worry--things are still going great for Kris and his bride of three and a half years, Katy Allen. "I have an amazing relationship with my wife," he assures, "but sometimes there are arguments. It happens. The songs are just about love in its best form, love in its crappiest form, and trying to figure that out--as cheesy as that may sound. I write love songs!"

In the video above, watch Kris talk about his biggest "American Idol" regrets, his decision to put out his new album on vinyl, and his adorable dog Zorro, along with the following details on some of the disc's love songs:

"Loves Me Not" (a duet with singer-songwriter Meiko) - "It's like the yin and yang of a relationship. Like, one minute you like me, one minute you're telling me you hate me! I think it's a great song--maybe it could be a single, I think."

"Monster" - "There's this thing inside me that people don't know. I'm not a terrible person, I know that, but sometimes in relationship, I can be crappy. It's like, 'Listen, I am like this, please get away from me because I am gonna screw you up. I'm sorry!'"

"Leave You Alone" - "It's like, we're in this argument, and I am so stubborn. I'm right, even when I know I'm wrong. The song is about how the only way I know to make this better is for me to go away. And no girl wants to hear that. It's definitely an in-the-moment song."

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