Imagine There’s No Coaches: John Lennon “Auditions” for ‘The Voice’

Television talent shows like "American Idol" and "The Voice" have long come under fire from critics, who've argued that some of the greatest musical acts of all time would've never had a chance on such competitions. And now, thanks to some creative editing, a hilarious new viral video is backing those curmudgeonly critics' claims.

The video should also serve as some sort of comfort to anyone who's ever unsuccessfully auditioned for "The Voice." I mean, if John Lennon can't advance to the next round, who can?

Yes, in a fantastic (and eerily realistic) lampoon by Funny or Die comedy duo Failures, a little singer-songwriter you may have heard of named John Lennon tries out for "The Voice" — and fails to get a single red chair to spin for his performance of "Imagine." (Softie coach Shakira comes close to hitting her button, but decides against it.)

Blake Shelton tells John that "the verses were too dramatic." Adam Levine, conversely, gripes that John was "a little bit subdued." Shakira advises John to sing in a different key. Usher optimistically assures John that this is "just the beginning," and Adam tells him, "You really are a talented dude, for sure"...but the "talented dude" doesn't get to join a team.

Sheesh! All we are saying, is give John a chance. Oh well. Maybe John would have a better shot on "The Voice U.K."

Anyway, make sure to watch the video until the very end, when Carson Daly teases the audition of another legend…who doesn't seem to fare much better than Lennon does, and isn't quite knockin' on heaven's door, if you catch my drift.

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