‘Idol’ Top 7 Redux Results: Colton Dixon Shockingly Eliminated

After 53 million votes--the highest tally of this "American Idol" season--it turned out that millions of people can be wrong, as one of this year's most talented and original contestants, Colton Dixon--who had never been in the bottom three before, and even seemed destined to make the finale--was eliminated Thursday in seventh place. This was literally one of the top shockers in "Idol" history, and definitely one of the series' greatest injustices.

"I wasn't myself last night, and I get it," Colton admitted to Ryan Seacrest after receiving the terrible news--referring to his polarizing heavy-metal Lady Gaga cover, which may have alienated a good portion of his fanbase. And honestly, I'd predicted that Colton might be in the bottom three this week--along with the other two obvious contestants, Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone-- for taking such a risk. But I'd never predicted that Colton and his fabulous head of hair would go home this soon.

Really, if that all-important Judges' Save had still been up for grabs, there's little doubt in my mind that Colton would have received a reprieve this week. But unfortunately, the Save had already been used on judges' pet Jessica Sanchez last week. Now it'll be interesting to see if Colton's devoted fans will bitterly (if unfairly) blame Jessica for Colton's downfall. If so, that will certainly play out in the coming weeks' results.

Personally, I wonder if judges used the Save too soon, and I know that "American Idol" will be a lot less interesting without Colton's piano-hopping, hair-color-swapping, jaw-dropping performances. But now, with Colton out, it's another unique male finalist, Phillip Phillips--the only contestant in the top six who still hasn't been in the bottom three--who clearly seems set to win this entire thing.

Parker out.

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