‘Idol’ Alum Didi Benami Plays Fallen Idol in Theory Of A Deadman Video

Considering that Didi Benami, who placed 10th in Season 9 of "American Idol," was portrayed as that season's token emotional mess (she was often shown sobbing or breaking down), it's amusing that hard rock band Theory Of A Deadman just cast her as an emotionally messy "fallen Idol" in their new music video, "Hurricane." Didi does a fantastic job, and now it seems like she's having the last laugh.

In the high-concept video, Didi plays Amber "Hurricane" Smith, the winner of a TV singing competition called "Overnight Sensation," who goes right off the rails before the confetti from that fictional reality show's finale has even been swept away. She overspends on a McMansion. She chugs Cristal. She treats her poor personal assistant like crap. She throws tantrums. She get plastered across the cover of every tabloid...and gets plastered in general. She hangs out with Andy Dick. She loses all her money. She basically packs a "Behind The Music's" worth of hard living into four minutes. And she's eerily convincing.

Does Didi Benami have an acting career ahead of her? That remains to be seen. But clearly Hurricane is the role that she was born to play.

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