Heejun Han’s Hilarious ‘Idol’ Exit Interview Could Be An Audition For A Fox Sitcom

Heejun Han was voted off "American Idol" this week, but considering the comedy he brought to the press tent when he came backstage to talk to reporters after his elimination, Fox should consider bringing Heejun back to the network and giving him his own sitcom. (The only thing that might jeopardize the chances of that happening would be the number of times Heejun kept mentioning rival NBC show "The Voice" to reporters, much to the presumed chagrin of Fox powers-that-be.) Seriously, folks--or not so seriously, as it were--this guy is true TV gold.

Speaking to Reality Rocks backstage Thursday, Heejun said he had no regrets about stripping onstage during his infamous kooky performance of "My Life" that put him on disapproving judge Steven Tyler's bad side. "If I could go back, the one thing that I would change is I'd rip off my pants also," he revealed. When it was suggested that he might be able to pull off a Chippendales-esque stunt like that on this summer's Idols Live Tour, he declared, "I will just tell you now to your pink camera [yes, this interview was shot on a pink camera]: On tour, something crazy is going to happen. There is going to be a dinosaur, fireworks on my armpit--amazing things are going to happen. Come watch the freakin' tour!"

The tour will offer a chance for Heejun to carry on his bromance with his "Idol" BFF Phillip Phillips, who actually seemed more upset about Heejun's departure than Heejun was on Thursday. "Phillip was kind of sad 'cause his kidney was hurting," clarified Heejun. "But you know, he had to suck it up."

So, does Heejun have any regrets about his crazy "Idol" run? "There's one thing that I'm kind of sad about," he said. "I was going to do 'Yah Mo Be There' by Michael McDonald and James Ingram [for '80s Night]." Oh, darn. If only Heejun could have stayed just one more week...

And by the way, Heejun's future sitcom should be shot entirely on a pink camera.

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