‘Glee Project’ Winner Blake Jenner Talks ‘Glee’ Dreams & Parrot-Poop Nightmares

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy was on a mission to find a superstar via this year's second season of "The Glee Project" (possibly the finest talent competition on television, and ironically a show I find infinitely more fascinating than "Glee" itself). And Ryan found a star indeed. While I admit that I would have been thrilled if either of "The Glee Project 2's" phenomenally talented and very deserving runners-up, Aylin Bayramoglu and Ali Stroker, had won that coveted seven-episode arc on "Glee" (and I still cling to the hope that they'll be given "Glee" roles of their own in the future), I am delighted for Blake Jenner, who was declared the new "Glee Project" winner this week.

While 19-year-old Blake may not possess the brassy Broadway pipes of Ali or the unique storyline possibilities of rebellious Turkish Muslim girl Aylin, there is no denying his light-up-the-screen star appeal...or, especially, his incredible acting chops. When I watched him totally transform himself from a Bieber-banged boy-next-door into a cold-eyed, cold-hearted jerk jock in the impressively improvised faux movie trailer Perfect, during this season's "Act-ability" week, I knew he was the guy to beat.

Blake recently stopped by Yahoo! during his victory lap on the post-finale promotional circuit, and I was eager to learn all about his "Glee Project" past and "Glee" future. Is it true that he was a parrot salesman before getting this big break? Who was his toughest competition on "The Glee Project"? Were he and "TGP" contestant Michael Weisman really rivals? Has he finally gotten past the harmonizing difficulties that plagued him in Nikki Anders' vocal booth? Which of his other "TGP" castmates would he like to see land guest spots on "Glee"? What are his dream "Glee" role and dream "Glee" solo songs? Is there any truth to the rumor that he may play a gay character on "Glee," and (gasp!) even split up beloved TV couple Klaine? And most importantly...will Perfect EVER be a real movie?

Blake answers all these questions and more in our interview below. Enjoy!

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