Exclusive Video: Cher Loves ‘The Voice,’ Blake Shelton Loves Cher

Sixteen-year-old Danielle Bradbery won "The Voice" this Tuesday, which was big news. But the real "Voice" scene-stealer and show-stopper that night was a 67-year-old singer, the one and only Cher.

On Tuesday, the grand dame of glam took the finale stage resplendent in her bewigged, self-described "lux punk" look, belting out her comeback club banger "Woman's World." She reminded us all that this is actually Cher's world, we just live in it.

Backstage after the show, rocking a different lux-punk ensemble and a fresh new Bowie-in-Labyrinth-style wig, the legend spoke to Yahoo!'s Reality Rocks about whether she would ever tap into her five decades of music business experience and agree to judge a show like "The Voice."

"Maybe I'd be a mentor. I would think that would be fun!" she answered, going on to lavishly praise "The Voice."

"This is an amazing thing for [young singers]," Cher declared. "They didn't have anything like this when Sonny [Bono] and I started. We played bowling alleys and roller-rinks. We didn't get to go on any [TV shows]. This is amazing, where you have people who've been in the business, have been successful, and now want to help you — so you can kind of bypass a lot of the trashy stuff."

So, would Cher have auditioned for "The Voice," if it had been around when she was first starting out? "Oh, gosh, yeah. Are you kidding? I would have been like, 'Ah! Let me in!'"

Apparently the Cher/"Voice" appreciation is mutual. Speaking backstage, coach Blake Shelton, still excited over the victory of his protégé Danielle, seemed equally delighted to be in Cher's presence, touchingly revealing: "I lost my dad a year and a half ago. And my dad's favorite artist on earth, bar none, no questions, was Cher. My dad worshipped Cher. I wish he could have seen tonight's episode because I would've been texting him saying, 'Hey, I met Cher! I took a picture with Cher!' She has no idea about any of that, but it was a real big deal to meet her…she's just as important and viable to music today as she ever was."

Let's hope Cher is mentoring Team Blake on "The Voice" Season 5!

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