Exclusive Song Premiere! ‘Voice’ Star Tony Vincent is “Starting Over”

Theatrical rocker Tony Vincent was one of "The Voice's" most memorable and fascinating contestants this season--and sadly, he ended up being one of Season 2's most robbed contestants, too. The Team Cee Lo showman, probably best known for his Broadway and West End stints in Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, We Will Rock You, and American Idiot, didn't go as far as I or many other Vincent fans would have liked--but thrillingly, he has quickly moved on, fittingly releasing a post-"Voice" statement song called "Starting Over."

"Starting Over" provides further evidence that this man with the initials T.V. would have made for some good TV if he'd continued on "The Voice," a show that encourages contestants to take chances and sing outside the box. The epic, Anglophilic tune brings to mind the swirling alt-rock psychedelia of '90s bands like School Of Fish, Overwhelming Colorfast, and the Soup Dragons, along with the classic Britpop of Oasis, Kasabian, and Viva Brother. It's good stuff, and you can hear it here first!

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