Exclusive Song Premiere: Ben Folds Five’s “Away When You Were Here”

While everyone is all worked up over Britney Spears's big debut on "The X Factor" and "American Idol's" new judges, arguably the greatest judge in reality television, Ben Folds, is sadly out of a job, now that NBC's underrated "The Sing-Off" has been cancelled.

That's the bad news. So what's the GOOD news? This frees up Ben to get back to doing what he truly does best: piano-jamming with his recently reunited Ben Folds Five (aka Ben, Darren Jesse, and Robert Sledge), who are releasing their first--excellent!--album in 13 long years, The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind, next week.

Check out the exclusive premiere of BF5's lovely new ballad, "Away When You Were Here," below. I sure missed them while they were away, and it's great that they're here again...even if Ben is no longer on my TV every week.

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