Exclusive! Justin Hawkins Talks About His Song For Kelly Clarkson

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The Darkness's Justin Hawkins is one of the top rock songwriters of the 2000s, not only penning such Darkness classics as "Love On The Rocks With No Ice," "Get Your Hands Off My Woman," "Knockers," "Dinner Lady Arms," and "Everybody Have A Good Time," and his other band Hot Leg's "Gay In The '80s" and "I've Met Jesus" (the man never disappoints with his song titles), but also anthems for fellow rock gods Foxy Shazam and Meat Loaf, and even many commercial jingles. Justin also famously wrote one of my all-time favorite Adam Lambert tunes, "Music Again," a song that once caused me to lose my dang mind. Well, it's time for me to lose my mind all over again, because in a recent exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music, Justin amazingly reveals that he has submitted a song to another "American Idol" star, Kelly Clarkson. Cue squeeing now.

Unfortunately, the song has one lyric that needs altering before Kelly can consider it...

"Kelly Clarkson had a song [of mine] on hold, but unfortunately, within the lyrics, it talks about my mustache," Justin says. "So it needs a slight rewrite. She liked the tune, but I'm not sure if she was really feeling the subject matter."

The key hairy lyrics Justin is referring to are: "Tell me, baby, did I pique your curiosity with the sweet wheels in my garage? / Do you love me for my money or my uniform, or do you only love me for my mustache?" Personally, I think Kelly has a fantastic enough voice to get away with such a gender-bending line, but hopefully she'll get to record the Hawkins song, sans "mustache," someday. My life would suck without hearing that collaboration.

Check out Justin's interview about the still-unrecorded song below...and listen closely for a bonus Paula Abdul joke! (At least I think it's a joke...)

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