Epic News: L.A. Reid’s Label Signs Chris Rene, Astro, AND Marcus Canty

"The X Factor" may be on hiatus right now, but judge L.A. Reid, who left his post at Island Def Jam to helm Epic Records when he signed on to the show, is wasting no time in getting back to work. It was just announced today (perhaps not coincidentally the day that "The X Factor's" rival show, "American Idol," airs its big Season 11 premiere) that Epic has signed all three of L.A.'s semifinalists--Chris Rene, Marcus Canty, and Astro--to record deals.

"Epic Records is pleased to announce the signing of 'The X Factor' contestants Chris Rene, Marcus Canty and Astro," an Epic press release states. "Following an exhilarating first season of the show whereby all three artists were mentored by 'The X Factor' judge Mr. Antonio "L.A." Reid and became known in twitter-verse as #TeamLAReid. These recording deals place Chris, Marcus and Astro back under the leadership of the legendary music executive, Epic Records Chairman/CEO and reunites them with 'The X Factor' winner and now Epic Recording artist Melanie Amaro."

In the release, Chris says, "I've dreamt about this momentous moment my whole life and now it's here"; Marcus says, "I am very blessed and grateful to God for the opportunity to become a part of the Epic family"; and Astro states, "I'm excited to continue my journey with L.A. Reid and his staff at the new Epic Records. The first time L.A. saw me he said I'd be a star, and I can't wait to get to work and prove him right. 2011 was Dope, but 2012 is gonna be Epic!"

As mentioned above, "X Factor" winner Melanie Amaro has already secrued a much-hyped $5 million deal with Epic. It is rumored that runner-up Josh Krajcik will be signed to Simon Cowell's Syco label (via Columbia), but no official announcement has yet been made. However, considering how the "X Factor" PR people seem intent on stealing some of "Idol's" thunder today, I wouldn't be surprised if there's a Krajcik-signing press release out before the day's end.

Which of L.A. Reid's three new Epic signings do you think has a chance of actually having an epic career?

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