‘Drag Race’ Winner Tyra Sanchez Stars in Dark, Disturbing New Spiritualized Video

It is extremely rare that my two obsessions, reality TV and British indie, collide--but when they do, the amazing results are often really worth obsessing over. Such is the case with iconic space-rock band Spiritualized's epic new 10-minute music video for "Hey Jane," which stars "RuPaul's Drag Race" winner Tyra Sanchez in an unflinching and unforgettable performance that just may make me forgive Tyra for beating out the very deserving Raven in "Drag Race" Season 2.

In the intense and gritty video, directed by A.G. Rojas, Tyra plays Frida, a small-town tranvestite who earns money hooking and stripping in order to support her young son. During the final brutal four minutes of the "Hey Jane" video, Frida becomes entangled in a harrowing, bloody motel-room fight with a crazed intruder, all captured in one long shot. This gives new meaning to the term "lip-synch for your life," huh?

It's actually a can't-look-away performance for which Tyra--who in real life is single father James Ross--quite possibly drew inspiration from his/her own real-life parenthood experience. Either way, it makes a very strong case for Tyra's previously unseen acting skills. The video contains violent and sexual scenes, but it's a very well-done, cinematic clip (and the song is gorgeous, too). Check out the "Hey Jane" video HERE.

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