Did Mariah Carey Lip-Synch on the ‘American Idol’ Finale?

Mariah Carey is known as one of the greatest singers of all time. She was hired this year, for a whopping $18 million, to judge other singers on "American Idol." So when she gave a performance on Thursday night's "Idol" finale that seemed more appropriate for another talent show, "RuPaul's Drag Race" — that is, she appeared to be lip-synching for her life — well, it was not a tour de force, dahling.

Mariah's performance, which was actually pre-taped the night before the finale, featured the diva "singing" a medley of her greatest hits, including "Hero," "Vision of Love," "We Belong Together," "Make it Happen," and "My All."

But did she really make it happen? Was she really giving her all? It seemed like Mariah's onstage wind-machine was more operational than her microphone this Thursday. You be the judge:

A representative for Mariah exclusively told Entertainment Tonight: "No, She did not lip-synch! She sang 3x and even sang additional songs for fans in between [commercials]." A representative from Fox declined to comment. Many fans, however, are still giving Mariah the Minaj-style side-eye.

Amazingly, Mariah's arch nemesis, the one and only Nicki Minaj, who's been known blast Mariah on Twitter, hasn't tweeted a peep about her future ex-co-star's performance. But plenty of "Idol" viewers have done so, in a manner almost as colorful as Nicki's. Some amusing sample tweets:

"How is Mariah Carey going to lip-synch on a show about singing live? That's like the host of Intervention doing heroin during the show" - ‏@scott_thrill

‏"This just in...Mariah Carey and Milli Vanilli are recording an album together. Wow, was that a bad lip synch..." - @JimKlingel

"Mariah Carey lip synched on a show where she judged people who are not allowed to lip synch. So disappointing." - @entylawyer

Hmmm…maybe these three people could be the "American Idol" judges next year?

Do you think Mariah was just paying "Idol" lip service this Thursday? Or was she the victim of some bad, cobbled-together editing? Sound off in the comments section below.

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