David Cook Talks Life After ‘Idol’ & The “WGWG” Phenomenon

Season 7 "American Idol" champion David Cook returned to the show Thursday night as the musical guest, with frontrunner Phillip Phillips--who has earned some comparisons to David--watching from the sidelines. Backstage after his performance, David spoke to Yahoo!'s Reality Rocks about such comparisons, and about what is known in the "Idol" world as the "WGWG" phenomenon.

"I know that whole 'white guy with guitar' thing exists, and I don't know if I vibe with it," David said, referring to the three winners that followed him (Kris Allen, Lee DeWyze, and Scotty McCreery). "To lump people in like that just almost feels a little dismissive. I think Phillip is probably one of the more unique talents that have ever been on the show, and to lump him in with anybody demeans that a bit. I think Phillip's incredible, and that guy could do almost anything and it would work."

As for the idea that the "WGWG" pattern on "Idol" was established by David's win in 2008, he laughed, "Sorry about that! Vote for somebody else? I don't know. I think everybody's who's won this show, from Kelly onward, deserves to be in that spot."

While Phillip does seem to have a good chance of becoming the fifth "WGWG" victor, David said he believes Season 11 still anybody's game. "I think Joshua [Ledet] has had a real strong run lately; if he can continue that upward trend, I think he's in a good spot," he said. "But I really think whoever has the 'wow moment' this next week is in the driver's seat headed to the finale."

Sadly, shortly after his "Idol" performance Thursday, it was revealed that David has parted ways with his label, RCA Records. He claimed that the new self-released song he performed on "Idol" this week, "The Last Song I'll Write For You," is about an "ex from long, long, long ago"--but it seemed like it could have just as easily been directed at RCA. The good news is, now free of label ties, David may soon be releasing music on a more regular basis. (There was a three-year gap between his two RCA albums, David Cook and This Loud Morning.) "If I have anything to say about it, absolutely. I have no interest in waiting another three years," David asserted.

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