Chris Rene Releases Yet Another Version of “Young Homie”

Chris Rene performed his signature song "Young Homie" on the "The X Factor" no less than three times--at his first audition, as part of a mashup with "Let It Be" during Thanksgiving week, and, of course, on the finale. Well, apparently his new label boss L.A. Reid figures if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Unsurprisingly, Chris's first official single for L.A.'s Epic Records is a newly recorded version of...wait for it..."Young Homie."

Well, you know what? It's still a good song. I have no idea if Chris has it in him to ever write another song as good as this--nothing he ever performed on "The X Factor" even came close, including his other original of the season, "Where Do We Go From Here?" And I also wonder if the window of opportunity for "Young Homie" to become a real radio hit has closed, considering that Chris first performed it on television five long months ago.

But if Chris never becomes famous for being anything but the "'Young Homie' guy," I suppose there are worse fates. "Young Homie" is a song of which he should still be very proud.

What do you think of the latest version of "Young Homie"? Does it improve upon the original?

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