Carly Rae Jepsen Talks ‘Canadian Idol’ Beginnings

Most U.S. pop fans only know Carly Rae Jepsen from her inescapable single "Call Me Maybe," THE song of summer 2012, which has been in a constant loop on U.S. radio and in every American's brain for months now. But Canadian reality TV fans, and maybe a few U.S. reality fans with really strong-signaled satellite dishes, probably remember the Internet meme pop queen's run on Season 5 of the sadly now-defunct "Canadian Idol," when she impressively made it all the way to third place. Apparently a lot of Canadian viewers picked up the phone for the future "Call Me Maybe" star.

Speaking recently to Yahoo! Music, Carly confessed that at one time she balked at the thought of auditioning for a TV talent show, until her high school drama teacher encouraged her to try out. "When I saw the reality show of 'Idol,' I was like, 'That's not how it's going to happen, that can't be it for me,'" Carly admitted. "But it really was a game-changer, and I have no regrets in doing that show. I think from that experience I learned that it is important to not knock down different opportunities, because it might just be the thing that really helps you, or gives you that leg up that you need."

See Carly discuss her first big reality-TV break in the interview below, and click HERE to watch her entire "Canadian Idol" run from 2007.

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