Candice Glover Hits #4 on iTunes…With a Non-Existent Album

Well, there's good news and bad news for "American Idol" Season 12 winner Candice Glover this week. The good news is her debut album, Music Speaks, just went to number four on the iTunes chart.

The bad news is…the album doesn't exist yet.

Poor Candice can't catch a break. First, her album was supposed to be rush-released for a July 2013 street date, to capitalize on any momentum coming out of this year's "Idol" finale and to coincide with the "American Idols Live!" summer tour. But July came and went, and the album was moved to October 8 (probably a wise move; two months really isn't long enough to record a proper album).

Then, as the October date neared and there hadn't been a shred of promo for Music Speaks — no new single, no music video, no spree of TV performances and interviews — it seemed inevitable that the date would shift again. And sure enough, only a week before the planned release date, it was announced that Music Speaks would not come out until February 18, 2014.

However, someone apparently forgot to tell someone at iTunes about this date change. This past Monday night, iTunes downloaded the album to computers and devices of fans who had pre-ordered it — an album's worth of mostly empty files ("Song 2" through "Song 10," along with one actual working track, the coronation single "I Am Beautiful"). "Song 2" was not a Blur cover, unfortunately.

Eventually Music Speaks went all the way to number four on iTunes (several notches above "Voice" winner Cassadee Pope's actual existing album, Frame by Frame), before iTunes took down the pre-order around 1:30 Eastern time Tuesday morning.

Candice herself showed a good sense of humor about the snafu, tossing out a couple of tweets that showed no concern as to whether this iTunes incident would hinder her album's future sales or February 2014 chart position.

One expert in the digital field said he's never heard of anything like this happening in the past, but told Yahoo Music's Reality Rocks: "My guess is the label did not update the album with the new release date. [Editor's note: The correct date was actually listed on the album's iTunes page.] If it's the same album in February, it should chart again when it goes live, once people buy it again." However, that doesn't totally explain how fans who pre-ordered the album (and received a batch of blank files this week) will be affected.

Yahoo Music has reached out to iTunes and Interscope Records, but as of this writing we have not received an official statement on what exactly happened.

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