American Idol, The Day After: Hollywood Week, Night 2 Dish

Last night, "American Idol's" Hollywood Week continued apace with the boys' solo round, and while several contestants (especially the adorkable Charlie Askew) stood out, the real star of the show was Nicki Minaj. While many haters out there still refuse to watch "Idol" now that Nicki's a regular on the judging panel, people who are actually tuning in for Season 12 know that Her Minajesty is turning out to be the most honest and effective "Idol" judge since Simon Cowell. Last night's episode proved that.

My usual co-host Matt Whitfield is sadly out sick today (get well soon, @lifeontheMlist!), but if he were here, I know he'd agree that Nicki did a fantastic job and offered the boys plenty of savvy advice and much-needed tough love last night. Watch me rehash Thursday's episode in my solo "The Day After" video below, and come back next Wednesday, when Matt rejoins me to dish about the Hollywood Week girls!

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