Alex + Sierra + Puppets = Best Lyric Video Ever

The X Factor USA is no more, but the duo that won Season 3 shortly before the show's cancelation, Alex & Sierra, is forging ahead. And their lyric video for their debut single, "Scarecrow," is a real winner.

The video has puppets, people. And not just any puppets. Adorable, lip-synching puppets that look just like Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton. If these felt friends ever dueted with the Lee DeWyze doppelganger doll from his "Fight" video, or with the Muppet Ed Sheeran from "Sing," the globe would likely implode from the adorableness of it all.

As for the song, "Scarecrow" is a jaunty, clap-along acoustic ditty that showcases the cute couple's honeyed harmonies, reminiscent of current stomp-folk acts like Of Monsters and Men, Arcade Fire, and the Lumineers as well as rootsy '80s acts like Lone Justice and the Sundays. It's fantastically catchy and cavity-inducingly sweet... and hopefully it can provide The X Factor franchise the U.S. success it never quite achieved via TV.

(Side note: Maybe if The X Factor had featured puppets every week, it would have had higher ratings. Puppets make everything better!)

Alex & Sierra's debut album is due out this summer and will feature collaborations with hitmakers Julian Bunetta (One Direction, Augustana), Sam Watters (Kelly Clarkson, Haley Reinhart, Leona Lewis), John Shanks (Stevie Nicks, Michelle Branch, Melissa Etheridge, Bonnie Raitt), Toby Gad (Alicia Keys, Beyoncé, Demi Lovato), and John Legend.

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