Adam Lambert Talks “Post-Gay Reality” at Live Proud Event

Fittingly kicking off the long Independence Day weekend, as well as celebrating Pride season, on July 3 Adam Lambert played a special show at Hollywood's Playhouse club as part of the AT&T Live Proud campaign, honoring the Trevor Project for its efforts in crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for LGBTQ youth. Among the guests were winners of the AT&T Live Proud Moment contest, which asked the LGBTQ community and its supporters to share their "live proud" moments via an image or story.

Speaking to Yahoo!'s Reality Rocks on the orange carpet before the concert, Adam addressed comments he made recently when accepting his GLAAD Media Award, about how so many people have very different (and very strong) opinions about how he and other openly gay celebrities should address these issues.

"There are kind of two different schools of thought, two generations, on LGBTQ issues," Adam mused. "You have the older generation that believed that they had to fight and be rebellious and wave the banner really strongly and proudly — and they're the ones who've kind of paved the way for the next generation coming up, who not all of them feel as strongly about identifying so black and white.

"The younger generation doesn't always feel like you have to label yourself, because they feel like we're moving past it. But the older generation is like, 'But wait! We fought so hard for this!' So I think the two sides having a dialogue is a big step in trying to kind of get to the next place, which is a post-gay reality. We're not there yet...but we're on our way!"

The Live Proud event, at which AT&T presented a $50,000 check to the Trevor Project, featured Adam singing several songs that were perfect for the occasion, like covers of Tears For Fears' rallying cry "Shout," Bob Marley's universal "Is This Love," and Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" (with the "excuse me while I kiss some guy" joke line intact, of course), as well as his own gay-rights anthem "Outlaws of Love."

Check out some videos of this very special night below...including a Queen medley!

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