Adam Lambert Reveals Single Artwork, Song Snippet; Internet Explodes

Anticipation for Adam Lambert's new single, "Better Than I Know Myself," continues to build at a heart-palpitating pace. After months of semi-hibernating in the studio working on his second album, Trespassing, he's raised his perfectly coiffed profile as of late, previewing his album in Rolling Stone and appearing on "Project Runway," "Majors & Minors," "On The Line With Joe Zee," the American Music Awards, and, most thrillingly, on the MTV EMAs, closing out the show with a magnificent performance fronting Queen. He's also been quite the Twitter-tease, tempting fans with repeated tweets about "Better Than I Know Myself," and last night he tweeted about some sort of countdown to a big "unveiling" that had Glamberts chewing their black-painted fingernails down to the nubs in excitement.

Better Than I Know Myself by adamofficial

Well, it turns out fans will have to wait a little longer to have their earholes filled with all that glam goodness, as today's unveiling did not involve full audio of the new single. (The single comes out next Tuesday; the 30-seconds-in-heaven heard above is just a little tease.) But visually, Adam's announcement was worthy of much flailing and squeeing. Behold, Adamaniacs and Glamberts, the just-tweeted artwork for "Better Than I Know Myself":

Daym. The man's looking good. I'm guessing if the finished version of "Better Than I Know Myself" sounds even half as good as this artwork looks, Adam's got a big hit on his hands.

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