Adam Lambert Discusses His Shady Side, “Straight-Jackets,” Nastiness, and Naked Love

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Yesterday, Adam Lambert spoke to Reality Rocks in part 1 of his interview about the lighter side of his upcoming second album, Trespassing--what he calls the "I'll-sleep-when-I'm-dead party songs." Today, he delves into his darker side, and the sadder side of the album, as he discusses outlaw love ballads, odes to the human condition, and writing about the issues the gay community faces every day. To loosely borrow one of Adam's common catchphrases, it actually is that deep.

But of course, there's still some frivolity in part 2 of this interview, as Adam talks straitjackets, studs, and getting nasty. Enjoy part 2, along with a breakdown of some of the interview's best soundbites, below!

On the new song "Outlaws Of Love": "When I wrote this song, I was directly referring to the sadness that I felt in taking in the adversity that the gay community faces on every level: marriage, bullying, acceptance of all kinds, our presence in the entertainment community, politics, all of it....There's been a lot of music in pop lately with inspirational messages saying, 'It's okay to be different, you can do it!' But this is a song that's like, 'F***, it sucks sometimes!' It really sucks, and it makes me sad. And that's the reality of it. My last album was all about escapism, for the most part, and this album's more about reflecting on the human condition. So sometimes it's sad."

On the new song "Naked Love": "It's by Benny Blanco and the writers that did 'Moves Like Jagger,' going into a disco place. It's basically a song that's like, 'I don't want all the frills and the fancy smoke, I want the real thing: pure love.'"

On the new song "Underneath": "A really heartbreaking song. I think it's really about, especially given my experience, sometimes when you're not in a good place or you're hurting or going through something, you have to kind of put on a game face and fake it....I think people just like to write someone like me off, like, 'Oh, he's a freak.' But I'm a person. It's not that one-dimensional."

On the new song "Broken English": "It's talking about communication and how sometimes language isn't the only way we communicate. People rely so heavily on words sometimes, and it's talking about the hidden meanings of things and the communication that can occur outside of spoken words--body language, eye contact, and how much beauty and magic there can be in that."

On the new song "Shady": "It's a really fun song about being a little bit dark, and a little bit nasty, and a little bit wrong. And you know, everyone likes to feel a little bit nasty and a little bit wrong from time to time!"

On the new song "Chokehold": "That song's about being in a relationship with somebody that is not good for you. Kind of how you keep going back for more, even though it's an emotionally masochistic relationship. [I once called the song] 'S&M music,' and I didn't mean [actual] S&M music! I meant, like, emotional masochism, when you're going back for more pain. Not actually being tied up--I'm not into that!"

On a possible new fashion statement?: "I want to do a bunch of high-fashion straitjackets...there's something to be said about what STRAIGHT-jacket is!"

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