Adam Lambert Discusses Gay Rights Anthem “Outlaws Of Love”

Adam Lambert's sexual orientation has unfortunately been a focus of media scrutiny ever since he appeared on "American Idol" three years ago, and especially since he came out on the cover of Rolling Stone in June 2009. Until now, the otherwise outspoken Idol has opted not to directly address gay issues in his own music, but on a poignant new track off his excellent sophomore album Trespassing (out May 15), the gay rights anthem "Outlaws Of Love," he tackles some serious topics--on his own terms, and in his own voice. And in an age when the hot-button issue of same-sex marriage is hotter than ever, the song's message could not be better-timed.

In a recent exclusive interview with Yahoo! Music's Reality Rocks about Trespassing, Adam revealed: "When I wrote this song, I was directly referring to the sadness that I felt in taking in the adversity that the gay community faces on every level: marriage, bullying, acceptance of all kinds, our presence in the entertainment community and how that's still up and coming, politics, all of it...I definitely wrote it about my community."

In the chorus to "Outlaws Of Love," Adam earnestly sings: "Everywhere we go / I'm looking for the sun / Nowhere to grow old and always on the run / They say we'll rot in hell / But I don't think we will / They've branded us enough / Outlaws of love." It's possibly his boldest musical move yet, and one that will certainly have people talking--although, as he explained, the song is definitely open to interpretation.

"I think it's important, because there's been a lot of music in pop lately that's been kind of uplifting, inspirational messages saying, 'It's okay to be different, you can do it!' And I think that's really important, and I have a couple of those too--but this is a song that's like, 'F***, it sucks sometimes!' Sometimes this sucks, and it makes me sad," Adam explained. "And that's the reality of it. I think my last album was all about escapism, for the most part, and this album's more about reflecting on the human condition. So sometimes, it's sad."

Listen to Adam Lambert's entire album HERE.

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