Trace Adkins Goes to Rehab After Country Cruise Ship Scuffle With Impersonator

Trace Adkins had a big sea adventure he won't soon forget — as much as he may want to.

The singer was the headlining act on a country music-themed cruise that left Miami on Sunday and arrived in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, on Wednesday. Along the way, he reportedly clashed with a Trace Adkins impersonator, who was singing karaoke at a bar on the ship when things turned physical.

Following the sea scuffle, Adkins — who has battled alcohol addiction, but had been sober for a decade — arrived in Jamaica and was quickly whisked off to rehab.

"Trace has entered a treatment facility after a setback in his battle with alcoholism," his rep tells Yahoo. "As he faces these issues head on, we ask that his family's privacy will be respected."

Despite the reported drama, a spokesperson for Country Cruising says the situation is being blown out of proportion. And they would be happy to have Adkins back to entertain again in the future.

"Trace Adkins was one of 28 artists aboard the ship," Tracy Michaels tells Yahoo. "While most pertinent and some reckless information has been thoroughly distributed, it seems the most human story remaining is the love and concern that has been shown by Trace's fellow artists and fans. Our heartfelt concern for Trace's well-being far overshadows any momentary disruption in our musical program."

She continues: "We are currently planning our next country cruise. At the appropriate opportunity, we would welcome Trace back with open arms."

The "Ladies Love Country Boys" singer has been candid about his battle with the bottle, sharing how his loved ones — including his third wife, Rhonda, and his daughters — staged an intervention for him in 2002 that saved his life.

"Nine years ago, I had a very caring and responsible manager who forced me into an intervention situation," Adkins told Hollywood Reporter in 2011, around the time British singer Amy Winehouse died. "I went and did my month in rehab, and it worked for me. I've been sober for nine years now. It had gotten to a point in my life where it was probably going to take me down that road, too. If it didn't end up in that situation, it certainly was going to cost me my career — and my manager saw that, and they cared enough about me to gather my friends and family and co-workers all together, and they put me through one of those gut-wrenching interventions."

Of the intervention he said, "If you've ever been through one of those things, it's the most humiliating experience you'll ever have. To hear people you respect and love sit there and tell you the kind of pain you've been causing them. They tear you down completely then they haul you off to rehab. So I did that, and yeah, I'm an alcoholic. And are there enablers? There are, but I luckily had a group around me that finally put their foot down."

And it seems that his loved ones came through for him again getting him help this time.

The cruise was supposed to be a fun one — the website touts it as "the best country cruise ever" — and guests paid up to $4,100 for the four-day extravaganza. Adkins was accompanied by some of the biggest names in the country music business, including Wynonna Judd. Things seemed to get off to a nice start, with Adkins posting this on Twitter the day they left port:

Judd also posted on Twitter, sharing great snapshots of fans gathered outside:

And this one of her view:

It's unclear exactly where things went wrong along the way, but they certainly did. However, Adkins is already on his way to righting the ship again.