Tim Tebow Meets Rascal Flatts, Wins The Game

Okay, so we've all seen that Saturday Night Live skit--the one where none other than Jesus Christ Himself appears to Denver Bronco Tim Tebow, and urges the quarterback to quit relying on Him to save the game every fourth quarter. Right?

Well, while I'm sure Tebow has not given up on the Lord, he had an alternate source of inspiration for his game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday! Tebow's favorite band, Rascal Flatts, were at Mile High in Denver to sing the National Anthem--and while they were around, they met with Tebow and even threw a few pre-game passes!

You can see from the photo that the star quarterback looks pretty happy to be hanging with the Flatts. And, apparently the group is a lucky charm--Tebow pulled off an amazing upset during overtime, with the Broncos beating the Steelers 29-23.

Perhaps it was God at work, but I'd like to think the Flatts had a hand in whipping Tebow up. Hallelujah! Let's see if the band's influence will extend to this weekend, when Tebow and his Broncos will have to face the formidable New England Patriots.

In other Flatts news, the trio's brand-new tune, "Banjo," was delivered to radio on Monday. It's the first single from their forthcoming album, which is expected to be delivered this spring. The band also heads out on the road starting this week--you can keep up with their tour schedule here.

So, do you think the Flatts had anything to do with Tebow's awesome performance on Sunday? Be sure to let me know!

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