The Real Reason Dolly Parton Never Became a Mom

The Real Reason Dolly Parton Never Became a Mom

This week, Dolly Parton fans were abuzz regarding a delightful interview she gave to Southern Living, in which the country icon discusses such topics as her new album, trademark image, and growing up a "hillbilly."

Hidden in that  interview, however, Parton is asked an often-wondered-but-unanswered question: Why the gregarious, warm, and loving singer never chose motherhood.

"I feel more like a godmother, like a fairy godmother, than I do like a real mother," Parton says. "I think probably I make a better godmother and an aunt than I would a mother because I was always so involved in my own things."

The superstar added that she probably would have given up her singing ambitions if she had gone that route."I probably would have been like my sisters and my mom. I probably would have given up my dreams for that. But I guess God has His reasons for doing things," she mused. "I really love kids. I love the energy of children. It makes me feel young. I’m just drawn to them. They’re like magic to me. And they’re drawn to me, the childlike part of me that never did grow up."

Happily, she's been able to exercise her maternal instincts as an aunt and role model to many others. It's well-known that one of her godchildren is Miley Cyrus (which, by the way, was never a legally designated relationship; Parton herself notes it's symbolic).

However, that's not the only celebrity godmother story in country music! Some examples: Fleetwood Mac  singer Stevie Nicks is the godmother of Lady Antebellum frontwoman Hillary Scott's baby daughter, Eisele Kaye. Johnny Cash served as godfather to Waylon Jennings's son, Shooter. His wife, June Carter Cash, was Hank Williams Jr.'s godmother.
And — zinger — in 2011, Reba McEntire was named the godmother... of a cruiseliner. She christened a Norwegian Cruise Line ship and the company appointed her the "Norwegian Epic godmother." Nowadays, McEntire's enjoying the title of grandmother, most recently to stepson Brandon Blackstock and his wife Kelly Clarkson's new addition, baby River Rose, who was born in June.