Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran ‘Mini-Mes’ Make Adorable New Video

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran have denied they are a romantic item, but that doesn't mean that the two musicians can't have fun playing up to the rumors. Swift's latest video for her collaboration with Sheeran, "Everything Has Changed," features an unabashedly hearts-and-flowers plot that hints at something deeper between the pair — as well as manages to be just plain adorable.

The clip features two young actors who are dead ringers for Swift and Sheeran--a blond girl in that gangly, taller-than-the-boys stage; as well as a cute redheaded little guy. The kids explore a typical school day together, sneaking off to draw magic-marker mustaches on their faces, sitting under a tree at recess, and dancing in the gymnasium.

There's even a few insider's references that savvy viewers will catch: Mini-Sheeran working with Legos (a reference to Sheeran's "Lego House"?) and Mini-Swift giving him a fake tattoo (Sheeran's arms feature full-sleeve ink).

It's a sweetly simple treatment that doesn't call on any special effects to capture that innocent feeling of first attraction. The end of the video, while equally simple, will likely bring a tear to even the most stoic eye. We won't spoil it for you — you'll want to see it for yourselves.

Swift and Sheeran are currently on the road together for Swift's Red tour. You can keep up with their schedule here.