Taylor Swift Channels ’60s Icon On Stage With the Stones

Forget about playing Joni Mitchell. Taylor Swift should set her sights on portraying Marianne Faithfull instead. The blond superstar did an admirable job of channeling the '60s icon Monday night, when she joined the Rolling Stones on stage for a rendition of "As Tears Go By."

The ballad, of course, was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, but was released first by Faithfull in 1964 before the Stones dropped their own version a year later.

In addition to the song, Faithfull also had a well-publicized relationship with Jagger which began nearly 50 years ago--the likes of which was almost eerily reflected in Swift's fresh and pretty duet/dance with the classic rock frontman on Chicago's United Center stage. Swift's long blond hair and mod romper combined to make her a visual dead ringer for the gamine '60s-era Faithfull.

"Filing this under 'never in my wildest dreams'. Thank you @RollingStones for inviting me to Chicago to sing with you.," Swift tweeted after the performance. She also added a photo of herself with Jagger, with the notation "Filing this under 'friends forever.'"

The Rolling Stones very rarely perform "As Tears Go By" in concert, a fact that Jagger made note of before introducing Swift to the Chicago crowd.