See The Premiere Of Shelby Lynne’s Haunting New Video

Shelby Lynne has been intriguing fans in droves since she moved to Nashville as a teenager, released a collection of albums, and went on to win a Grammy in 2000. However, she's never been one with the mainstream music world, and so found a niche for herself by starting her own record label and releasing her own music since 2010.

Lynne calls her latest record--2011's critically acclaimed Revelation Road--a "personal, private" work, specifically about her family. This is starkly evident in her song "Heaven's Only Days Down The Road." The lyrics are written in the voice of Lynne's late father, who in 1986 shot Lynne's mother and then turned the gun on himself.

While such a tragedy in itself is galling to consider, Lynne's haunting, almost gentle narrative ("I want to put her back, but I don't know how") is chilling in its straightforward and blameless delivery.

We at Our Country have the exclusive premiere of Lynne's video for the song, which includes actual home footage of Lynne's family and parents. Be one of the first to see this extraordinary work--and be sure to let me know what you think.

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