Politically Active Carrie Underwood Won’t ‘Stick to Singing’

Nobody is going to tell Carrie Underwood to "shut up and sing." The superstar and American Idol is firing back at her state representative for a remark he made in response to her comments on a controversial bill sitting on the governor's desk this month.

Underwood, a longtime animal activist, spoke out with disapproval regarding the "Ag Gag bill" last week--a measure that would require anyone recording images of animal abuse to submit unedited footage or photos to law enforcement within 48 hours.

Leading animal-rights groups adamantly oppose this bill, saying the short deadline will compromise investigations into farming cruelty cases; as well as have potentially dangerous impact on labor issues, food safety, and First Amendment rights.

Underwood agrees: "Shame on TN lawmakers for passing the Ag Gag bill. If Gov. Bill Haslam signs this, he needs to expect me at his front door. Who's with me?" the singer tweeted to her nearly 1.5 million followers last Thursday.

In response, State Representative Andy Holt, who supports the bill, told local news: "I would say that Carrie Underwood will stick to singing, I'll stick to lawmaking."

To this, Underwood tweeted incredulously, "I should stick to singing? Wow...sorry, I'm just a tax paying citizen concerned for the safety of my family."

The "Ag Gag" bill has already passed the state House and Senate and is currently in Haslam's hands. The bill most recently was withdrawn from consideration in the nation's top agricultural state, California, due to serious opposition.


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