NFL Hero Tim Tebow Sings On Stage With Brad Paisley

Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow may not be heading to this year's Super Bowl--Tom Brady and his New England Patriots took care of that last weekend--but he certainly isn't staying home and sulking. Quite the contrary!

So what's he been up to? Oh, well, the noted country-music fan's just been singing with the likes of Brad Paisley, that's all.

No, don't get the wrong idea--Tebow's not looking for a second career as a musician. He was, however, in attendance at Paisley's tour stop in Denver on Saturday night. And, he was invited on stage by none other than Paisley himself!

"You can throw an 80-yard touchdown pass," deadpanned Paisley, over the appreciative roar of the crowd. "But! Can you sing?"

Tebow rose to the occasion, and managed to belt out the key line of Paisley's hit "I'm Still A Guy"...much to the audience's (and Paisley's) glee. Watch for yourselves:

"Me and Tim Tebow, probably not gonna be nominated for musical Duo of the year, but you never know," joked Paisley on Twitter of the impromptu pairing.

Tebow--who himself admitted on Twitter that he had fun on stage, but isn't about to quit his day job--also took time to meet with Paisley's tour openers Scotty McCreery and The Band Perry, both of whom tweeted effusively about meeting the football star.

This isn't Tebow's first time rubbing elbows with pals in the country music world. Right before the game earlier this month where he threw the famed 80-yard pass Paisley referenced, the star QB hung out with his self-professed favorite band, Rascal Flatts, who were there to open with the National Anthem that afternoon.

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