Luke Bryan Gets Good and Burned at 2013 CMT Awards

The annual CMT Awards are always known for crazy skits, and this year was no different than the rest. Co-hosts Jason Aldean and Kristen Bell commanded a particularly manic opening segment featuring a motley crew including Vince Vaughn, Kelsey Grammer, Dr. Drew, Reba McEntire, Blake Shelton, Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan.

The skit itself bordered on medium-funny, centering around Bell as a psychologist analyzing Aldean in his first-time role as CMT Awards host, with all the stars mentioned weighing in on the situation. However, one little inside joke managed to steal the entire deal.

It all started when Shelton appeared and advised Aldean that: "Nobody can teach you how to host an awards show."

He was then chided by McEntire, who noted: "Give me a break! When we were doing the ACMs together I had to explain everything to you."

"Shoot, you probably have a cheat sheet on your hand," she added.

"No I don't!" protested Shelton, while looking at his palm, which was visibly marked up with a sharpie.

Guess who popped up next? The astute country fans out there will surely giggle: Luke Bryan, of course.

"Oh, burn," noted co-host Kristen Bell approvingly.

If you don't get the joke (and judging from the lack of chatter on social media, it appeared to blow over most heads, probably because it flew by so fast)--the quip was likely a reference to Bryan's well-publicized gaffe at last year's MLB All-Star Game. You remember, the one where he was accused of forgetting the lyrics to our National Anthem...and allegedly referred to crib notes jotted on his hand to help himself along.

At any rate, the little dig was extraordinarily funny, if only for its rapid-fire quick hit.

Bryan, of course, completely swept the 2012 American Country Awards shortly after, and then scooped up the coveted Entertainer of the Year honor at the 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards, so the blooper obviously didn't cause too much harm.

The CMT Awards were streamed live from Nashville June 5. A preliminary list of winners can be found here.