Kellie Pickler ‘Out-Daisy Dukes’ Jessica Simpson In New Bucky Covington Video

Calling all American Idol fans: It's reunion time! At least in the brand-new video from AI vet Bucky Covington, which features none other than his Season 5 buddy and fellow country musician, Kellie Pickler...who burns up the screen with one of country's sexiest cameos ever.

Covington's clip, "Drinking Side Of Country," takes a humorous spin on the '80s classic TV show The Dukes of Hazzard--featuring cars, guns, moonshine, and a kill-joy sheriff. Pickler takes on the role of Daisy Duke, and Covington claims she's the best one to portray the iconic character yet.

Covington said he came up with the idea of inviting Pickler to appear when discussing the video with his director. "He said I don't think you can do a Dukes of Hazzard thing without a Daisy Duke," he related. "And you can't have just any beautiful girl play Daisy gotta have somebody with something bad!"

It didn't take Covington long to figure out who would be the best gal for the job. He called his friend, who immediately agreed to lend her assets to the production.

Covington says he couldn't be more pleased with the results: "You've got to out-Daisy Duke the last Daisy Duke," he noted. "And that was Jessica Simpson."

It's not an easy task to out-Duke the last two Dukes. Simpson, of course, played the denim-clad beauty in the 2005 film adaptation of the show, whereas '80s star Catherine Bach was the originator of the role for the series.

Pickler doesn't emulate either actress exactly--she wears a miniskirt rather than the signature cut-offs, and she marks the second blond in a row to portray the originally brunette character--but she managed to steam up the screen enough to score the clip a world premiere at hot-chick haven Maxim.

The video also features singer/actor Shooter Jennings--son of the legendary Waylon, who, coincidentally, wrote and performed the Dukes of Hazzard theme song, as well as narrated the series.

Pickler appears throughout the video here and there, but those who can't wait to see her head-to-toe shining moment can check her out around 1:50 in the clip. Covington is currently finishing up a new record, which he'll be releasing in September.

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