Keith Urban’s ‘Act Of Valor’ Soundtrack Song–Hear It Now, First!

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Chances are, as a country fan, you've heard of the upcoming film Act Of Valor, which features a soundtrack composed of Nashville heavyweights--one of them being Keith Urban, who wrote an emotional ballad, "For You" specifically for the movie.

If you've been wondering how Urban's new tune sounds--well, guess what, you can hear it first, right now! We have the song in its entirety here for you to listen to, a week before the soundtrack hits stores.

This particular composition is extra-special, as it marks Urban's first time writing for film. When asked what attracted him to this particular project--which details the story of an elite team of Navy SEALs who embark on a covert mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent--Urban noted, "I was drawn to a scene in the film where you witness an act of supreme self-sacrifice. And I thought to myself, I see what they believe in. I see what they live their life for."

"Now, what do I believe in? What am I willing to give my life to? So from there, my co-writer and I set about writing the song."

Urban relates that composing for a movie had some unique hurdles. "For me, the challenge was in writing something that was uplifting and yet sensitive to the film," he explained. "Particularly the final scene."

So, is he hooked on writing for movies now? "I'd like to do more," he says. Act Of Valor will be coming to theaters on Friday, February 24.

Do you like Urban's first foray into film music? Be sure to let him know what you think of the new song here in our comments section!

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