Kansas Farm Family Creates Funny, Educational Parody Of LMFAO Club Hit

"Sexy" is probably not the first adjective one thinks of when considering the profession of farming. (Okay, so it's probably not the second or third, either.) However, an agricultural student has managed to change all that with a homemade video that's quickly become a viral sensation.

Greg Peterson, a 21-year-old senior at Kansas State University, was goofing around with friends one day when he got the idea to make a parody of electropop duo LMFAO's hit tune "Sexy And I Know It." Using his family's farm as a backdrop and his younger brothers as backups, Peterson changed the song to "I'm Farming And I Grow It"--an educational primer to all the city slickers out there on what the agriculture business is about.

It's hard not to giggle watching the Peterson brothers gamely leap across hay bales, feed a herd of hungry cattle, and pose on their tractor. And then there's the clever lyric changeups: "I got passion in my pants" becomes "I got passion for my plants," "I work out" turns into "I work outside," and "Girl look at that body" morphs into "Gotta feed everybody."

The coolest thing about the cute parody--which was originally posted June 25 and has already received more than 3 million views on YouTube--is that it actually does serve to remind all of us where our food comes from; something that most Americans don't even think about on a daily basis. As the brothers demonstrate by holding up various items in the grocery store, all that neatly packaged stuff we throw into our carts every week had to originate somewhere.

The video has received praise from the Kansas Farm Bureau and earned the Petersons a spot on Fox & Friends to discuss their work.

As for LMFAO--there's no official comment on the parody, but it's hard to imagine they'd have any objection. After all, everyone likes food...right?


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