Hot Rumor: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill To Headline Vegas?

Don't get too excited yet, everyone, because this is strictly a rumor at this point. But since it's an awfully juicy rumor, I wanted to reveal that the Las Vegas Sun is reporting "exclusive rumblings" that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may be taking up residency in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas celeb-watcher/reporter Robin Leach noted on Monday that the husband-and-wife team are "about to sign contracts" for a series of weekend concerts to take place from November to April. The exact location is undisclosed, but Leach says it'll be in "an 1,800-seat theater within a guitar pick's throw of Steve Wynn's Encore Theater."

That's, of course, where Garth Brooks already has a headlining deal, so the proposed show would be in direct competition with his. It will also (if all of this is really true, that is) compete with Shania Twain's residency at Caesars Palace, which begins at the end of 2012.

According to Leach, McGraw and Hill have done away with plans for a dual tour this year in order to see this purported Vegas deal through. The show would start in the fall so not to interfere with McGraw's already sealed summer trek with Kenny Chesney.

Rumor or not? The last time "rumblings" of this sort showed up in the LV Sun, they were about Twain's proposed residency at Caesars--and they came true. So, if this does indeed come to fruition, I say it will be awesome to have three major country shows on the Strip. Competition? Pshaw--country fans will want to see them all!

So--what do you think? Real or fake? Be sure to let me know!

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