Hear it First! Court Yard Hounds Gift Fans a New Holiday Tune

If you're a Dixie Chick fan, we regret to tell you that you will not find a new Chicks album under the tree this Christmas. However, that said, we have a treat that's almost as good: A brand-new holiday song from Emily Robison and Martie Maguire, who of course are also known as the duo Court Yard Hounds!

"Bom Bom Bom" is more than just a song to get fans in the Christmas spirit. It's also a very personal tune that offers a glimpse into Emily and Martie's upbringing.

"Being sisters, Emily and I decided to write a song that reflected a lot of what we remember Christmas to be as we were growing up," Martie told Yahoo Music. "It seemed fitting to go ahead and record it, and give it to our fans as a little token of our appreciation this holiday."

Love the song and want to play it on December 24 or 25th for your own family? The sisters will be offering a free download of the song at their official site once our first listen has been enjoyed by all. Bom bom bom...be merry!