Happy Birthday, George Strait! Here's a Few Fun Facts About 'The King of Country'

George Strait, otherwise known as the "King of Country” turns 62 years old on May 18th. In honor of the superstar's birthday, we combed through some of the rare interviews with the notoriously press-shy singer — and wanted to share these fun facts to celebrate his special day!

He's had so many hits — a whopping 60 No. 1s, to be exact —that he can't remember them all: When asked by USA Today to name one of the songs that surprised him the most when it topped the charts, he started singing it — but couldn’t pinpoint the exact the title, adding: “I’ve cut a lot of songs, man.”
Surprise! He's not a member of the Grand Ole Opry: Despite selling more than 70 million albums – not to mention collecting numerous awards, including the most recent CMA and ACM Entertainer of the Year trophies — Strait has not been asked to become a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Many in the music community believe this amazing omission is due to the fact that he continues to reside in his home state of Texas. Therefore, it would be difficult for him to devote the amount of facetime at the Nashville-based Opry that is required of members.
His starring role in 1992's Pure Country came about due to Elvis Presley's former manager: Colonel Tom Parker, upon checking out one of Strait’s shows, felt he had the star quality that could help him make a foray onto the silver screen.Parker then met with Hollywood producer Jerry Weintraub, who got the film financed and written specifically for Strait.
He's a 62-year-old grandfather, but audiences and critics maintain he still sings like he did in his 20s: What’s his secret? He works out and stays healthy. He rarely drinks – if he does, it’s Jack Daniels – and he never gets “overserved.”
Although, with all he's accomplished, we certainly wouldn't begrudge him a few birthday drinks this weekend. Happy birthday, Mr. Strait!