Buzz Over Diddy’s Red Carpet Lint-Roller

Making sure he looked absolutely perfect for tonight's festivities, P. Diddy had not one, but two people assisting him after arriving at the Academy Awards red carpet. It came across as a vain display of primping when Diddy stepped out of his car and his helpers ran over his suit from head to toe with a lint roller. Then they ran over the entire suit again. His grooming shot was caught on camera by E!, much to the delight of Twitter audiences.

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Once the mogul was sure he was de-linted, he checked his reflection in the window of his limo before heading off to sign autographs.

Maybe the reason for Diddy's fastidious fashion is that he might be gracing the stage tonight as an Academy Award winner. Diddy, also known as Sean Combs, is the producer of the Best Documentary (Feature) nominee "Undefeated."

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Diddy is no stranger to being labeled a diva. The star was once photographed with his own professional umbrella-holder, former assistant Farnsworth Bentley, and reality shows have covered his search for the perfect assistant.

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