Danielle Fishel and Bob Saget feud over drug claims

Once upon the time, they were the stars of a couple of our favourite family sitcoms. But now, Danielle Fishel and Bob Saget are engaged in an all-out feud (about something you'd never see on a family sitcom -- unless it was "a very special episode").

It began with an interview. In March, "Boy Meets World" star Fishel told Maxim about an incident in the 1990s, when Saget allegedly accosted her family on a plane to Disneyworld. According to Fishel, the "Full House" actor allegedly asked her for cocaine.

"We were trying to take a nap, and all of a sudden, Bob Saget walks down the aisle, rips open our curtain, and shouts, 'Do you guys have any coke?!'" Fishel claimed. "Then he looks my dad in the eye, laughs, and closes the curtain."

Evidently, Saget wasn't too fond of Fishel's account. And to keep things consistent, he also took to Maxim to air his side of the story.

"What show was she on? 'Big Chest, Small Wonder?'" Saget said. "That's the real size of her, by the way. She's kind of like Bilbo Baggins, very tiny. So first off, I don't open curtains. That was a lie, because I just don't do it. I knock on things. Also, there weren't separate compartments on the plane."

He went on: "Anyway, the whole thing was as simple as me going to the bathroom and throwing out a one-liner. I was always making jokes; that's what I did. Yes, it did have a drug reference in it, but the joke was that her parents should protect this kid who was starring in a television show."

Did it end there? Of course not. Fishel took to Twitter to respond to Saget's interview: "Maybe you should have printed what I said at the end 'we knew he was joking. It was funny.' He didn't pick up on that."

Apparently not. And while this publicity won't exactly hurt Fishel (who's currently filming "Girl Meets World"), you've got to wonder what Bob Saget is getting out of it -- or why he needed to get so insulting. (Because let's be honest: Danny Tanner would never have called someone Bilbo Baggins.)

Whose side are you on? And if Bob Saget was joking, why do you think he got so defensive? Either way, you've got to admit that the mental image of Danny Tanner shouting at Topanga Lawrence about drugs is the stuff our prime time dreams (or nightmares) are made of.

More importantly: where was Dave Coulier? Cut it out, Mr. Saget.

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