Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Successful Decade-Long Marriage

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. will be receiving something extra special for their 10th wedding anniversary later this year: another baby! The under-the-radar couple is expecting their second child, reports Us Weekly. Their daughter, Charlotte Grace, is 2.

Gellar, 35, and Prinze, 36, seem to have unlocked the secret to a lasting Hollywood relationship. After meeting on the set of 1997's "I Know What You Did Last Summer," things took a romantic turn when they were going to dinner with a mutual friend and the person canceled. "We decided to have dinner anyway and never looked back," Gellar, who has called Prinze her "first love," told People. They tied the knot in Mexico in September 2002, but it wasn't without a little excitement — a 4.6 earthquake hit the site of where their nuptials took place. "All of those bigger-than-life natural events can only bode well for the marriage," their talent manager said at the time.

The late '90s megastars — she was best known for "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" while he won over the ladies in movie roles including "She's All That" — waited until they were in their 30s to start a family. "When we got married I was still just 26; I met Freddie when I was 23 years old," Gellar told People after the 2009 birth of Charlotte. "That is really young. The solid base that we have now, you don't have that when you have been with someone for two years. We have already weathered all these storms. We know this is it; we are a team."

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Just last year she shared the secret to their marriage. "We communicate," she told Health. "That's my secret. It's not a secret, but it's how I handle all my good relationships, whether they're male-female or not. If you bottle things up, it explodes on you."

She also revealed the meaningful fifth anniversary gift she gave her husband. "I had no idea what to get him," she later told BULLETT. "I'd been meaning to change my last name to Prinze, but I just hadn't gotten off my lazy a** to get it changed." On their anniversary, she presented him with her driver's license that said Sarah Prinze. Of the name change she said, "It helps with what I do, specifically, because it does give you the feeling of being separate, of having this other life — and you can go to work and have this stage name, and then go home and be someone else."

Gellar just concluded season one of "Ringer" — funny enough, the mom-to-be's character Siobhan gave birth to twins in one of the final episodes — and she's waiting to see if it gets picked up for season two. Prinze, who appeared on TV's "Boston Legal" and "24," is now a producer and director with the WWE — and is playing Mr. Mom to Charlotte when his wife works.

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"He loves it," Gellar told Us Weekly of her stay-at-home husband. We fight over who gets to stay home. You'd think it would be the opposite, that the parents would be like, 'No, I'll go to work!' but he's like, 'You stayed home for two years! It's my turn!' He and Charlotte have too much fun. I'm jealous!"

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