Kate Winslet: Leonardo DiCaprio Is ‘Fatter’ Since ‘Titanic’

Kate Winslet has done it again. Just days after she revealed that hearing the theme from "Titanic" — Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" — makes her want to "throw up," the actress has made another verbal blunder. In an interview with iTV's "Daybreak" to promote "Titanic 3-D," she was asked how she and co-star Leonardo DiCaprio have changed since the original film's 1997 release and she was quite frank in her answer. "We do look very different, we're older," Winslet explained. "Leo's 37, I'm 36 — we were 21 and 22 when we made that film. You know, he's fatter now — I'm thinner."

The Oscar-winning actress famously struggled with her weight for years post-Titanic as one of the few healthy-framed stars in skinny-minded Hollywood. The teasing goes as far back as her childhood, when she says other kids would call her "blubber." "When I was

heavy, people would say to me — and it was such a backhanded comment — they would say, 'You've got such a beautiful face,' in the way of, like, 'Oh, isn't it a shame that from the neck down you're questionable,'" Winslet told Glamour in March. Now, she says she maintains her weight with workout DVDs, running, and Pilates.

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Seeing herself from the "Titanic" era on the big screen again was not a pleasant experience for Winslet, who played Rose to DiCaprio's Jack. After watching just 17 minutes of the 3-D version, "I was literally like, 'Oh my God, make it stop! Is that me? Oh my God, that's me. Block my ears, somebody!" she also told iTV. "'Somebody club out my senses. Make it f---king stop!'"

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