Chris Noth Marries Longtime Love Tara Wilson

John Lamparski/Getty Images
John Lamparski/Getty Images

Like his famed "Sex and the City" character Mr. Big, Chris Noth spent a good portion of his life avoiding serious commitment … until now. At the age of 57, the actor has tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend — and the mother of his child — Tara Wilson, 30.

The couple exchanged vows in Maui on April 6, reports People. It was a small ceremony with only a handful of witnesses, including their 4-year-old son, Orion Christopher, who was reportedly the ring bearer.

Noth and Wilson met in 2002 when she worked at his New York City bar the Cutting Room. In 2008, they welcomed their son and he popped the question a year later. Clearly they enjoy working together because they co-own a restaurant called Once Upon a Tea Cup in Canada and they both appeared in the 2009 movie "Frame of Mind."

Perhaps best known for his role as Carrie Bradshaw's on-again, off-again love Mr. Big in the "Sex and the City" series and movies, Noth has also appeared on "Law & Order" and is currently on "The Good Wife." However, when he was asked about his favorite part of all time, he recently said that it's that of a family man: "I love being a dad. Let's put it this way, being a dad is by far my favorite role!"

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As for why he waited until 57 to get married, it's likely because it took him that long to figure out women. While promoting "Sex and the City 2" he told iVillage that, despite all his years working on the franchise, he learned very little about the opposite sex. "I know nothing," he laughed. "It does you no good to know anything. I know [women are] unpredictable. And their silence could mean trouble."

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However, he has talked about being a romantic at heart, telling Redbook that when he was young he was big on writing love letters, though it became a lost art when email and text messaging took over. As for what he does to woo Wilson, he said: "I always think it's the little things that count. There are a million romantic little things I do. I can't give away my trade secrets — it's too embarrassing. "

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