Valentine’s Day POPsessions: Midas Whale Pour Some ‘Sugar’ on Yahoo

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Midas Whale, the totally robbed "Voice" Season 4 duo comprising Ryan Hayes and "American Idol" alum Jon Peter Lewis, are no strangers to love in all its epic forms. They did stage a Gothic rock opera called "Deep Love" once, after all. So it's no wonder that Ryan and Jon have released Midas Whale's excellent debut album "Sugar House" this week, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Who was your first musical crush?
RYAN: Karen Carpenter. She just really gets me, you know? "Don't you remember you told me you loved me, baby..."

What song was playing during your first kiss?
JON: My first kiss was in no way romantic. I snuck out of the house and met up with this girl I'd been crushing on for a few months. Of all the places we could have found for a quiet moment, we chose to walk around the track of a nearby high school. All I heard was the buzz of the street light on the field house.

What is the best makeout song of all time?
RYAN: Nothing gets me in the mood like a little pop organ (maybe Dick Delaney's "Twilight Time") or William Shatner (check out "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"), but I think Saint-Saens's "Mon Coeur S'ouvre a ta Voix" from "Sampson and Delilah" is probably the greatest love melody of all time. (I prefer the instrumental version that Reader's Digest did in their "100 Most Beautiful Melodies: compilation.)

What's the best breakup song ever?
JON: Ohhhh, there are a lot of good ones. Here are some of my favorites: "Somebody That I Used to Know," but by ELLIOTT SMITH. "These Days" by Jackson Browne. "Don't Think Twice" by Bob Dylan.

What song would you want playing during your first wedding dance?
RYAN: Nat King Cole's "Stardust"

What love song makes you cry?
JON: "Our House," Crosby, Stills & Nash

Who is your favorite romantic singer?
RYAN: Jim Reeves

What is your fave album to listen to on a lonely Valentine's Day?
JON: "Figure 8," Elliott Smith

Does the idea of a couple making out to your music flatter you, or just freak you out?
RYAN: As long as it makes the girl develop feelings for me, it's OK.

What's the sexiest music video of all time?
JON: Hmmmmm, I don't know. Maybe "Cruisin'" by D'Angelo...It's not really the video that makes it sexy, though. His version of this song is amazing, though. Also, James Brown's performance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" had so much swag. That's not technically a music video, either. But it is a video and it does have music in it.

Who's the coolest couple in music?
RYAN: The Smothers Brothers...or did you want like a married couple?

What's the most romantic moment in movie history?
JON: I'm really the wrong person to ask about romantic movie moments. That's not really my thing. I'd probably be expected to cite moments from "The Notebook" or "When Harry Met Sally," but those just aren't my thing. I do have a shortlist of romantic movies that I like, though. I really like "Pride and Prejudice." Don't judge me. I've read the book a couple times and seen most of the versions, including the giant miniseries the BBC put out in the '80s. I think the latest with Keira Knightley was pretty well-done, though. And how can you not like it when Darcy is finally found out to be the good guy in the end?

What romantic movie role do you wish you could play?
RYAN: Ricky from "Better Off Dead"

Who is your favorite fairytale princess?
JON: Belle. Smart and Good. But Jasmine is the sexiest.

What is the most romantic city to visit?
RYAN: Butte, Montana. Hands down.

Describe your ideal Valentine's Day date.
JON: Oh, boy. Anything that ends well.

Flowers or chocolates?
RYAN: Flowers to give, chocolates to receive.

Do you watch/hate-watch "The Bachelor"?
JON: "Bachelor" isn't my thing.

Overall, are you pro- or anti-Valentine's Day?
RYAN: I love Valentine's Day. I'm not sure if Valentine's Day likes me, though. I liked it better back in grade school when everyone was obligated to give you a Valentine. We should start doing that as adults.

If someone did that "Say Anything" boombox thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?
JON: Most definitely. [Editor's note: Way to give a vague answer, Jon!]