Ukrainian Band Brunettes Shoot Blondes Creates Best Apple Ad Ever

Craig Rosen

Dear Apple:

Possibly the best iPhone/iPad/iMac ad ever has already been shot, produced, and posted on the web. We suggest you contact this band immediately. It would give you some positive publicity in the wake of the iPhone 6 "Bendgate" controversy, the disastrous iOS 8 rollout, and that hoax that left some poor suckers with melted iPhones after they tried "charge" them in a microwave.

The clip in question is by a Ukrainian indie band known as Brunettes Shoot Blondes. Sure, the name isn't exactly PC, but once you see the video they made using 14 Apple products, and hear their sweet acoustic song "Knock Knock," perhaps you can overlook that. The clip already has 2 million plays on YouTube. It features black-and-white animation and begins with the disclaimer, "Everything you see on the screens is going on in real time." The action starts on a pair of iPhones with the band's rabbit-head mascot (sort of like the rabbit-human hybrid in Donnie Darko) following a female character from device to device, as the iPhones multiply and are shifted to new positions.

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Eventually, a Nano, an iPad Mini, and couple iPads come into the picture as the characters seemingly magically appear on each device, driving a car, riding a scooter, and walking down flights of stairs. The action continues on a trio of MacBook Pros and then back to iPads and ultimately return to the iPhone it all started on. The whole thing last less than two-and-half minutes, but we can't think of a better way to showcase your devices.

Whatever you do, don't automatically add the video to your customers' iTunes library. Some of them didn't like that much when you pulled that stunt with the new U2 album, but if you can think of some creative way to showcase this clip, we think it will help people remember the joy and creativity that Apple products can bring.

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