The Top 100 Albums of 2013 – #1 to #10

Wow, 2013 was another great year for music. But undoubtedly, there will be many who missed much of the good stuff, as corporate music stole most of the headlines. This concludes my countdown of the top 100 albums of 2013, and I will be the first to admit that I have certainly missed albums that deserve to be here. Part of the problem is that it's impossible to listen to all the albums released over the course of the year. Instead, I tend to listen to albums that are getting some buzz or showed up on my radar screen for some reason. While this is not a "pop" list, I did want to include more "popular" genres. You'll find rock, pop, Americana, indie, hip-hop, metal, and R&B. I have omitted genres like jazz, classical, blues, new age, ambient, and world music. Not because these genres are unworthy, but rather because they deserve their own lists and focus.

The hardest part was not in selecting albums, it was in deciding which albums would not make the cut. Every year, I keep a spreadsheet of album releases that I love, and in 2013 my list had 213 albums. So my task was more about culling and ordering. While I'm sure you probably won't agree with all my selections, or the order, I do believe this list will help you discover some fantastic music you may have missed.

#1. Reflektor by Arcade Fire

#2.Modern Vampires Of The City by Vampire Weekend

#3.Yeezus by Kanye West

#4.Wakin On A Pretty Daze by Kurt Vile

#5.Shaking The Habitual by The Knife

#6.Trouble Will Find Me by The National

#7.Random Access Memories by Daft Punk

#8.Nothing Was The Same by Drake

#9.Sunbather by Deafheaven

#10.MCII by Mikal Cronin

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