That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore: Morrissey Tackled by Overzealous Fans at Bay Area Show

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Please, please, please, let me get what I want!

Cult gloomster Morrissey has been leaving his rabid fanbase hanging of late, canceling a remarkable six shows in a row over the past few years in the Bay Area alone. So, it might be expected that his fans were a wee bit too excited when the former Smiths frontman finally took the City National Civic stage in San Jose Wednesday night.

However, things devolved quickly during the singer's second encore of "One Day Goodbye Will Be Forever."

Perhaps worried about the sentiment (especially given his recent track record in the city), fans began springing into action.

Audience members began popping on stage about a minute into the song — starting off with a manageable one or two every few seconds. The singer accepted hugs from the initial trickle of admirers, but then quickly found himself overwhelmed as more and more people approached.

Check the video around the 2-minute mark to see how quickly the situation turned into an unintentionally humorous game of whack-a-mole between security and the crowd.

Not surprisingly, the fan rush didn't last very long, culminating in one crowd-surfer slamming hard into Morrissey and knocking the singer down. Security abruptly ended the show and removed the star from the stage. Lesson learned, right, Smiths fans?

No word on Morrissey's condition, but doesn't seem as if he suffered any damage. Tonight's show in Santa Ana, Calif., is still on. He'll be hitting Los Angeles on Saturday. For a complete list of tour dates, check here.