Sinead O'Connor Compares Herself to 'Nothing Compares 2 U' in New Video

A still from Sinead O'Connor's video, Take Me to Church
A still from Sinead O'Connor's video, Take Me to Church

In the new comeback video by Sinead O'Connor, "Take Me to Church," the 47-year-old singer revisits her past, superimposing her current image across the iconic video for her 1990 smash, "Nothing Compares 2 U."

Crooning, "What have I been singing love songs for?/ I don't want to sing them anymore/ I don't want to be that girl no more," Sinead is barely recognizable in heavy eyeliner and a glam purple wig — although a glimpse of her stark, shaven-headed image from days of yore peeks through her 2014 visage.

Sinead proceeds to rock out with her band in a tiny bandage dress, looking very different from her '90s era, when she flailed about in a baggy smock dresses in her music videos. But then, right around the 1:52 mark, she rips off her wig, revealing the real Sinead beneath and looking like her old self again.

Back in June, after generating quite a buzz with glamour shots of her dolled-up new look, Sinead told Yahoo Music: "I was aware if I were to produce a couple of photos wherein I had hair, everybody would run them and would have to mention the album title. They weren't done originally for the album cover. They were supposed to be fun publicity shots that would get some publicity and someone would mention the name of the record, and it f---ing worked."

There's little doubt that the striking "Take Me to Church" video will drum up more publicity for Sinead's 10th album, I'm Not Bossy, I'm the Boss, due out Aug. 12. The album is already generating great word of mouth, garnering a four-star review in Mojo magazine.

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