See It First! Nickelback Creates a 'Revolution' With Brand-New Video

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

Few bands of any genre have been able to make a fraction of the impact Nickelback have on the overall music scene: The Canadian rockers have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, and are notched in the books as the second best-selling foreign act in the U.S. of the 21st century — behind only the Beatles.

It's been three years since their last album, and the guys are planning on releasing their eighth studio album, titled No Fixed Address, in November. It's their first set for new label home Republic (after years on indie Roadrunner Records), and the first single is also a departure for the band, having a political message that's not been part of their hit catalog to date.

Yahoo Music is excited to premiere the very first look at the video for "Edge of a Revolution." Nickelback continues the theme of rebellion and dissent with the visual treatment for the song, combining arresting scenes of soldiers, protests, and a classroom full of children being fed messages of conformity...that they ultimately decide to reject in favor of much-needed change.

As the band's Ryan Peake notes, ""This was our second video with [director] Wayne Isham and we really enjoyed working with him. He really clicked with the concept and helped us fill in the gaps. 

"The idea was to show that we don't have to accept things presented to us without question and that it's OK to challenge the status quo."

To keep up with the band's schedule this fall, check their official website for tour announcements and updates.