See It First! Colbie Caillat Premieres Self-Acceptance Anthem, 'Try'

Colbie Caillat

A welcome sentiment that has been making waves in the media these days is the concept of individual beauty

In Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat's new video for "Try," which you can see first here on Yahoo Music, the singer provides an affecting visual montage of this very concept, showing women of all sizes, ethnicities, ages, and with their own various standout features — all looking happy, healthy, and confident.

The clip also provides images of the women both with and without makeup (including Caillat herself), proving that one can be just as beautiful with a bare face. One woman even takes off her wig to proudly display her bald skull, with a big smile.

Caillat wrote “Try” more than a year ago, during a period when she was feeling exhausted from the pressure that she felt as a woman; particularly one in the competitive entertainment industry. The singer worked with co-writer and fellow star Babyface to create a special message to herself and others: You don’t have to “try” to be someone other than who you are. Being okay with your own unique qualities is OK with Caillat! (Want to talk to her about it? Tweet her at @colbiecaillat.)

Last month, Colbie released Gypsy Heart Side A, an EP composed of five songs from her the upcoming full length, as a special treat for fans.  She will be touring the U.S. in September; if you'd like to keep up with her schedule, visit here.